Additional Peer Support Resources

Peer Support Resources

We want to provide you with the best resources  to help you in you peer support role. With that in mind, you can find some incredible information by checking out the following links. 

PA Peer Support Coalition offers a wide range of resources for individuals working in the peer support field. Along with continuing education, they also provide virtual check in sessions for peer support professionals. Annual memberships are available that come with reduced costs for trainings, invites to events, study guides, and networking opportunities.

They also have video resources available on Youtube.


Of course this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning You can find a wealth of information on this website about addiction, mental health, and evidence practices in the field. They have various publications on these topics available for download. 

You can also find interesting and useful information on their sister website This is a branch of SAMHSA that is specifically focused on peer recovery services. 


If you are wanting to learn more about mental health, is a solid resource. There are videos, online discussion groups, and articles on the various mental health challenges that individuals face. 

Overall, this grassroots organization is dedicated to advocacy, education, and public awareness for all things mental health. 

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14 Discussion Topics for Peer Support Groups

Download a free set of 14 group discussion topics and never run out of things to talk about! Each topic includes suggestions for taking the discussion a little deeper, as well as additional resources. 

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